Golf to Conquer Cancer

Complete campaign creative

Case study for the brand development, all assets digital and print
This was a project I started over a year ago. I started on this project at the naming and branding stage and then followed it through for the last year, creating the logo, then the look and feel for how it will be branded throughout all of the digital and printed assets that would be making up this complete event. Starting with the presentations and collateral to sell the program in to potential investors, participants and sponsors. Then through to business cards, signage, brochures, website, mobile and soc

Unfortunately the digital portion of what I created did not see the light of day. We were just about to push it live and then.... a V.P. for the charity trashed it and did what they thought is better. (the URL is live but I had nothing to do with what is there) I managed to get paid which is nice, but it is a shame that the money is for nothing and the donations people gather are wasted so easily on a V.P.'s ego trip.
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